New paralleling product with integrated programming

GENSYS Compact Prime

The GENSYS COMPACT PRIME is made for gensets used in power plant applications requiring synchronizing, active and reactive load sharing and electrical/mechanical protections.
GENSYS COMPACT PRIME offers flexibility and time saving thanks to its simple wiring, all features included (no option), and easy engineering & programming.
Hardware & Display
GENSYS COMPACT PRIME is available in both switchboard panel mounted version with display, or core base mounted version. And compatible with i4GEN touchscreen color display.
GENSYS COMPACT PRIME is configurable from its front panel display, from i4GEN, or through the free CRE PC software.
Control and management
  • Complete engine control of diesel, gasoline or gas gensets (pre-heating, pre-glow, ignition, start/stop…).
  • Alternative or consecutive multiple starter management.
  • Warmup & Cool down at idle or nominal speed.
  • Remote start and test mode available ON/OFF load.
  • Compatible with all J1939 electronic engines.
  • Isochronous and Iso-voltage active & reactive load sharing. 
  • Fixed kW/KVAR load or Droop mode.
  • Frequency and voltage control compensation for generators with droop governors and/or AVR/DVR.
  • Synchronization and dead bus management:
  • Static synchronization: gensets breakers closing without excitation.
  • Dynamic synchronization: Frequency, Phase & Voltage synchronization (Synch display available on screen). Synch Check (ANSI 25) + Phase sequence protection.
  • New optimized PID loop with exceptional performance in synchronization, KW and KVAR control.
  • Override mode (protections inhibition + dedicated hour meter) following NFE 37-312 certification.
  • Non-essential load control on overload. 
  • Battery Boost management.
  • Configurable maintenance cycle.
  • 2 passwords levels.

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