Paralleling unit with integrated PLC


The GENSYS 2.0 is a control unit designed for generator electrical panels.
This “all-in-one” unit combines all necessary functions:

  • Three phases mains failure
  • Engine start/stop and protections
  • Alternator control and protections
  • Mechanical parameters display
  • Electrical parameters display
  • Genset synchronization
  • Load sharing and kW control
  • Load sharing and kVAR control
  • J1939 communications

GENSYS 2.0 is configurable via its front panel or via a PC with CRE Config software. It has an embedded Web site which is password protected.

GENSYS 2.0 controller is able to be programmed to customized the power plant with the EASY PLC software more than standard functions. 

The GENSYS 2.0 controller has analog load sharing lines and is compatible with most of the types of analog load sharing modules.

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