Day Tanks

What are Day Tanks?

Day tanks are specified as an above ground, local source of fuel for emergency and stand-by generator sets. These tanks are sized to automatically maintain one day of fuel close to the generator set. 

At the same time the day tank is fed from other main tanks above or underground. Day tanks are comprised of of a control circuit and one or more pumps which synchronize to provide a uninterrupted supply of fuel to the generator.

Our custom Day Tanks

Our tanks include
  • UL certified double wall tank
  • An ECM Electronic Control Module consisting of an ultrasonic transmitter that provides continuous level measurement up to 9,8 ft (3m) with a 4-20mA signal output and 4 relays and is configured via a programming software. This non-contact Flowline liquid level sensor (Dl24) is perfectly suited for corrosive, sticky waste and chemical liquids.
  • The intrinsically safe loop powered level indicator displays engineering unit connected in series with one 4-20mA Flowline level transmitter (Li25)  

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